Why is America in love with dogs?


Wherever you look in America people are crazy about dogs.

 If you have a rotten relationship, a dog will make you feel everything is ok,
that the planets are aligned, much more than a trite box of chocolates or a selfish cat, 

Dogs are valued as companions that dispel loneliness. Not many would say, “when my partner dies I will buy a selfish cat”.

Usually a loving friendly dog is on the shopping list.

In America, dogs bring joy to millions and sell all manner of products. A cat wouldn’t care if a product needed endorsement, however dogs are different.

In the USA, dog ownership is at 36.5%  compared to only 30.4% that own cats.

Americans don’t have dog favorites, they just love all dogs. Any shape of dog will be walked down the street in front of you, by a comely lady or gent and a variety of dogs appear to be selling products on American TV.

Dogs are companions that dispel loneliness,

that bring joy to millions and that sell all manner of products.

In New York City, big dogs, little dogs, poodles, terriers, ugly dogs, brainless dogs, hapless dogs, all came out of their posh units with their well-dressed owners, and they proudly walk around the streets in the early evening as the colorful autumn leaves are falling. Dogs walk around Broadway, and they proudly walk through Times Square.

I spoilt myself at the LA Sheraton Grand Hotel while a beagle luxuriated right next to me, so surprising that I had to take a picture of it on the beautiful polished marble tiles.

Pictured below, a happy beagle enjoys the LA Sheraton Grand Hotel, and no one complained



A Los Angeles dog is understandably distracted by a lamp post

In US cities, dogs and owners amble on until the precious canines stop to make a deposit, or wee on a lamp post and then the proud owner bends down to collect the fire plug in a plastic bag. It is a very small indignity alongside the mountains of dog friendship, comfort and joy.

Which is why some streets smell badly but it doesn’t take away from the honor given to lovable dogs.

You would be hard pressed to see one single cat in an American advert so they obviously don’t get many product endorsements. The dog smell is ok and this is how you prove it. Just imagine millions of cats weeing and leaving collectable deposits all over Manhattan and the rest of the USA. The stench would be unbearable, even more in summer than in winter. If a tom cat ever weed on your front porch, you probably smell it long after the bleach subsided.


Dog owner waits at LA International Airport with happy travelling companion

American airlines also love dogs which means dogs have a very easy time at airports. You only need to bring your pet carry box which stows under your seat as cabin luggage. If you have a large labrador, don’t ask me how it works but it probably needs to go into a larger box.

Just imagine trying to stow a cranky cat under your seat? Yep, it’s a total nightmare to contemplate.

The average dog owner spends $227 per year on accessories compared to cat owners spending $90 on felines. The average vet bill for a dog is $378 whereas it is $191 for a cat, obviously not a priority to keep the latter alive. Popular dog videos proliferate.

And dog owners love to accessorize because every second block in NYC appears to have a well stocked pet shop. I wasted my time trying to find a music shop which drew a blank but dog shops were everywhere.


Your dog accessories are on every second block 

I switched on the TV and there was a happy dog, smiling at the camera with drool coming from it’s jowls, while it held up the latest mobile phone. I wanted that phone so much, that I came back home to Australia and bought one. Muscular firemen also found the time to pose with dogs on morning TV shows.

What might have prompted this American love affair with dogs? Well maybe dogs get the job done. If you have a rotten relationship, a dog will make you feel everything is ok, more than a trite box of chocolates or a selfish cat.

So it was at this point that I turned to my wife and said: “When I pop off the twig dear, I want you to buy a small hairy dog.”

I already decided that, she said. “Well make sure it is intelligent,” was my only request.



Hunky firemen appeal to doglovers on breakfast TV

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