Barely talking better than hairy animals

Pictured below, the author discovered a great sense of community at Vanuatu fruit and vegetable markets. It was open for business 24 hours a day. You could buy freshly cooked food at 2 a.m. in the morning and talk until you dropped from exhaustion.

Understanding migrants with diverse cultures might provide insight into youth suicide and how to prevent it.

Is this an outlandish claim or is there serious evidence to back it up?

Sanderson Media’s website has labored the point that notionally Anglo Saxon peoples generally have the worst dietary habits, poorest communication skills, not much sense of community and are notorious at putting their elderly parents into old folks homes.

If that isn’t bad enough, notionally Anglo Saxon people’s have the worst youth suicide rates in the entire world. All this information is in a book entitled, Anglo Saxons can’t communicate, which fortunately is freely available on this website.

Notably, according to a study by WHO, (World Health Organisation), the lowest youth suicide rates in the world are among the very people that Anglo Saxons accuse of spending too much time on food and conversation. This includes migrants from Asia, Mediterranean areas and other diverse cultures.

On this blog, we reproduce the list of countries in order of worst to the best, but be assured, a strong sense of community is pivotal to this social success and the preservation of teenage lives. Low suicide rates come with cultures that love a wide variety of produce, love to cook and sit and talk for hours, and love to take good care of their extended families.

How does it work in these cultures with connectability, among those that get accused of talking too much and dragging out a meal for hours on end.

When a relative is depressed, they can they always find a cousin, an aunt, an uncle, a family member in which they can confide.

Someone is needed that can help them unwind and unburden themselves.

Why did we list these tragic social disasters? Because the solution is right under our noses, right with the cultures of which we have historically been very suspicious.

If we are too narrow-minded to learn from migrants, then there is a strong possibility any depressed member of our family will not discover a sense of community exists around them.

Because even businesses are realising you can sell more stuff if you show an interest in customers.

Consider the girl in my local bank in Springwood, Brisbane, who  tried to talk to me, to improve her Banks image. I appreciated it although she didn’t  have time to talk about deep stuff.

If we are to learn anything from migrants and diverse culture, it is that it is an honor to talk for hours and listen to and pass on the stories of our lives. Furthermore it is wonderfully innovative to try to enjoy recipes, produce, food preparation, the eating of food with friends and the enjoyment of conversation as almost an art form.

Empire builders with no relationship skills

Westernised people banging on about building empires and making great profits is so trivial by comparison to relationships and family preservation.

If you have doubts, ask anyone who has a depressed family member or who has lost friends to suicide. It is advisable to build up those relationships and crank up that sense of community and see what a difference it makes in your life, and the lives of your friends.

If you family tree is hopeless then go out and adopt some people and someone else’s family tree.

Ok lets sum this up: Anglo Saxons can learn from migrants but be warned. Sticking to boring foods and culture and being a standoffish snob will never teach your children to communicate and have a sense of community. Therefore have a go at this idea: Turn off the television, select an exciting new recipe, drag your children into the nearest produce market, prepare the ingredients and cook with your children. Yep, communicate in a talking kind of way. It is a talking method better than hairy animals, which never gather in kitchens and historically only do takeaway foods.

Here are the youth suicide figures from the World Health Organisation:

The highest youth suicides were in Armenia, with 64.3 males and 2.1 females per 100,000.Greeks had the lowest, with 2.7 males and .6 female deaths per 100,000.Others rating well in the sense of community stakes are Spanish, Puerto Rican, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese and Mexican, all people that love their food and conversation. Here is the list from worst to best communicators in the sense of community department:
Russian Federation
New Zealand
United States of America
China (Rural)
Czech Republic
Hong Kong
Puerto Rico
China (Urban)
Greece had the best figures in the world, reflecting their sense of community, love of food and conversation
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