What farm poet?

Why would a farm kid write poetry
Such an odd thing you hardly ever see,
But I can imagine a snotty farmer’s kid,
hanging out of a tree with the billy lids,
Or standing with his cattle dog, while both decide to pee on a log,

I can remember a farmer with allergies,
Having a sporadic sneeze, and then a wheeze,
Snorting in the grass and dust with pollen,
Many boxes of tissues that sniff has stolen,

And farm chemicals too dodgy to trust,
He hopes his lungs won’t turn to rust,
As he wipes his nose on a handy sleeve,
The constant drip is his greatest peeve,

With a country sigh to heave, and a hug,
I imagine him drinking from an enamel mug,
While listening to the old cheese unplugged,
Her random bush talk just draws a shrug,

The mug is chipped and the lady quips,
That enamel spreads disease to your lips,
I can see them swimming their horses, that’s hip,
in the local creek that smells like dip,

Or singing as he musters cows at noon,
while struggling to hold a country tune,
The cows are tolerating Dolly Parton anew,
While he finds some bark thats safe to chew,

His dog plays fetch with a cane toad or two.
And now responds to “ralph” instead of “blue”,
You’re excited as you head for a luncheon true,
Expecting what passes for country stew,
As you spread some marmalade on some bread that’s hard,
And occasionally wonder, what inspires on a farm,
What triggers a son
To turn into a bard.


About John
John started out as a cadet in 1970 at Bundaberg News Mail, continuing as a feature writer at Rockhampton Morning Bulletin, then began producing regular freelance articles for the Sunday Mail and New Idea. Later he took up science writing for Qld climate, water and soil scientists. Whimsical stories and humorous bush poetry is his current passion.

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