Why were mum and dad lying in a paddock, covered in dogs?

Dogs know when you need them

They give people assistance, confidence and comfort.
In fact, there are primary schools in Australia where children read to an assistance dog. If the dog sees you are making a connection with your reading, it responds and listens. If dog’s interest wanes, then your reading must improve.
Dogs know when you are in crisis and if you teach your pet to absorb your personality, they will get you through any drama, unless you are like one of the lost Antarctic explorers that ate their dogs.

Your hairy friend will always get you through a crisis

Jude and Dennis Boland from Yeppoon, Central Queensland, had a history of boxer dogs and in 1966, their best wedding gift was a male boxer. A year later someone celebrated their first anniversary by gifting a female boxer. When the dogs were given their own honeymoon, they could sense it was a reward for their loving human connection. They gave back, producing 35 pups in all.
“Boxers are always wanting to please, full of fun, great for children, they never grow up, are always smiling, and they absorb your personality like no other dog,” says Jude.

The brown dog pedigree came from surviving the inside of a sugarbag at a Central Queensland Dump

Her two boxers switched off “mr nice guy” and attacked an intruder one morning at 5.30a.m., helping Jude get him out of the house. It turned out to be a neighbour who police discovered was a murderer. That is a sign of intense loyalty and that dogs know good stuff.
Bolands racked up a total of 45 yrs of boxers, breeding dozens of puppies, the final mother producing 25, it was decided their next pets would be rescued dogs.

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So here is the important Dog Question:

Would the messed up genes of 13 wriggling pups, discovered in a sugar bag at a rural dump, produce intelligent personalised companions like the boxers had been?
From the rubbish dump, Bolands selected one male and one female, Archie and Pippi.
Dogs know when there is a crisis. Dogs sense when you are sick or down and Judith just had major surgery.
Her vet described the murky gene pool: “the pups have the legs of a staffy, body of a labrador, nose of a cattle dog, the markings of both a cattle dog and kelpie. On the registration papers, they wrote “brown dogs.”

After major surgery Jude went for a walk and promptly fell over

The Boland dogs grew into huge happy animals, and one day Jude went up the paddock, after major surgery, to clear her head, and breathe the fresh bush air and promptly fell over.
She had a pressing need for two knee replacements and the walking stick had let her down.
Male brown dog Archie stayed with Jude so she asked Pippi to “go and get Dennis.”

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Brown Pippi came back and indicated that Dennis said “good dog, now go and enjoy your day.”
“Jude implored Pippi, “please bring Dennis,” with urgency in her voice. Pippi sensed this because a minute later she did bring Dennis.

A drone flying over would have noticed two happy dogs sitting on top of the Bolands, because brown dogs love games.

Then Dennis lost his footing, trying to get Jude back on her feet and he fell over,
A drone flying over would have noticed two happy brown dogs, sitting on top of the Bolands, because brown dogs love games.
Minutes dragged on as they engaged in carefree conversation and spoke of their jolly loyal dogs. Eventually their son appeared and wanted to know why they were lying down, covered in dog.
He righted his parents, walked them home and made them each a milo.

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So does a brown murky gene pool and the trauma of starting life in a refuse tip, in a hessian bag, diminish a dog’s intelligence?
These pets answered with an emphatic No!
Apparently you get much more back than you put into a dog, therefore an intelligent, affectionate dog is like a hairy reference for its owner.
Archie and Pippi love all Disney programs, all dog movies, especially Beethoven. They bark when TV dogs bark and don’t understand why there isn’t an instant “connection”.

When Archie and Pippi were found dumped with 11 siblings, in a hessian bag at a rural rubbish tip, their eyes had not yet opened. 

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