Write two lines every day

 Turn on the tap
 Write more poetry don't be a sap💐
 it's just like turning on a water tap;🌼
 the water flows and your writer's block goes,🌺
 then rhymes that you wrote
 Will be your best friends i suppose🌷
 So don't be a goose,💐
 Just cultivate your muse,
 Please let it loose or it will bolt like a moose,🌼
 With your worries on your brow,
 Unfurrowed by the hour,
 Only you can call a truce,
 Or your day will slowly turn to puce;🌻
About John
John started out as a cadet in 1970 at Bundaberg News Mail, continuing as a feature writer at Rockhampton Morning Bulletin, then began producing regular freelance articles for the Sunday Mail and New Idea. Later he took up science writing for Qld climate, water and soil scientists. Whimsical stories and humorous bush poetry is his current passion.

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